Waze Carpool App Reviews

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Awful for drivers

I am not sure about the ones who get rides, but for drivers, the app is awful! The payment system is a mess. They are so disorganized now(maybe because they just launched it few weeks ago). I don’t recommend at all. You are only going to get stressed about the amount of e-emails, notifications, horrible functionality, the app freezes constantly. If you want to get stressed before and after work, go further!

Not available in my area

Cities in which the service is available is not listed anywhere. I entered my home address and work address first, but then was required to complete the rest of my profile only to then be told the service is not yet available in Milwaukee. Would have been nice to know this before spending the additional time. Now going to delete my profile.

Update doesn’t work - doesn’t open the app

I gave 5 star earlier but recent new update doesn’t work. When I open the app it says to update which is already updated. Plssssssssss fix the isssue ASAP.

App keeps logging me out and making me re sign up.

Please fix. I have a complicated commute schedule and I have to reset it every time I open the app. Please let me stay logged in. I am using an iPhone SE.

Great drivers, buggy app

Great drivers. More-reliable matching than Scoop. But the app is buggy and Google Pay is a pain. Keeps bugging out, constantly generates fraud alerts, et cetera.

Used to work before Feb 18

The people writing this app have long lost focus. No proper addresses, most of the times gives some crazy address to the driver. Riders have to walk to some random points sometimes a freeway entry or exit for pickup. Too much constrained on the drivers route and tries to find an exact route match that doesn’t happen. Drivers have to wait after putting a request to riders and most of the times nobody responds because they already have other ride options. How do you guys come up with something like this?

App doesn’t function

Trying to book a ride without the app crashing on me a bunch of times and unable to proceed to next steps in the booking section. Can’t even book my ride.

Doesn’t launch

Just updated. App crashes when opening.

It’s a ghost town - no one is using it

plenty of people signed up then never came back to the app. it’s a ghost town, shows people haven’t been back for 10 days or more. it could be a good app if they figured out how to get people back into it. it’s dead. ghost town, don’t waste your time.

Pain and frustration

What a great idea but the implementation is severely lacking. Relying on Google or Facebook to log in even if you already have a Waze account is minus one star even if the app was fully functional. The app crashes and gives incorrect data constantly. I have previously found drivers on my route and sent them requests, and then open the app to check if they have seen them the app either gives me the vague “something went wrong” message requiring me to ultimately restart the profile creation process or it tells me carpool is not available in my area (it definitely is and I’ve used it). The single ride I have actually gotten from a Wazer was great but I had to PayPal them because the app wouldn’t let them accept my ride request. Failure on so many levels.

App ruined after update

This app was perfect before the app refresh. Was easy to get rides. Very convenient. Now app is difficult to use, doesn’t work most of the time. Please revert back to previous version

I couldn’t do anything

It just kept telling me to try saving again. Forgot about it. Came back and it’s working now.

Work in progress

I wanted to use this app. Sounded like the perfect solution to long commutes that get expensive with current gas prices. I wanted to sign up as a driver. I live in Los Angeles, but I had no luck finding (same gender) passengers. Most of the passengers on the app were inactive (signed up and forgot about the app). The app itself was buggy. Although I was able to select the “ride” mode while using the carpool app, I wasn’t able to select the “drive” mode without the app switching to the main waze app. Would be helpful to have a messaging function with others. Also, when viewing other people’s profiles, their Facebook links were inactive. Waze carpool has a long way to go. Hope more people sign up for it and it works out!

The buggiest app I’ve ever used

You can’t use this app for 5 minutes without experiencing a bug. Either the app will accidentally log you out, or the map will break and you won’t see the drivers eta, or your messages and carpool requests fail to send. Embarrassing application

Great Concept, Incredibly Buggy

I love the concept, but the app freezes on me all day. Its the buggiest app that I have. Once they get the kinks worked out, it will be great.


Erase this app

Can’t message after update

I’ve used this as a driver and a rider for months without a problem. Since he latest update I cannot message drivers before or after they have offered the ride. Just get the “uh-oh” error.

Always asks to login

Why the hell should I login everytime? Why can’t I be logged in until I log out? Why can’t I sign up with email instead of facebook/google?

Locks up

How is it possible for an app to be so bad? The app literally can not function for more than 10 seconds. Loading screen, phone heats up, screen shows something, UI won’t respond, app quits. How does anyone use this? (On an iphoneX running ios11.3.1 and 11.4)

Need Previous Route!!!

Man, I like using Waze more than the others but there’s something a feature i would like to recommend. I want a feature where you could see your previous route that you took in the app to save it or to retake again.

The app doesn’t even work

““uh-oh” something went wrong” - that’s the only thing I can see on this app. Unusable. Yes, I am connected to the internet - all my other apps work.

Great idea

Carpooling sounds great! Although, I already do have a car and can give people rides. Just couldn’t figure out where in the settings I could change to giving people rides!

Update should fix the app but it just made it worse!

I have been using Waze Carpool for about half a year now and it was fine until that huge update on February! It made the app worst, it was the worst you will just get frustrated everytime you use it! Let me tell you why 1. Before it matches you with drivers walking distance from your house or your destination. Now it will match you with people at least a half a mile away from your house and will drop you off half a mile away from your work. 2. I already have 2 regular drivers who I carpooled with most of the time and even them hates the app, why? We can’t see each other anymore after the update, it just matches you with new people, we, the one who have been using the app for so long, they want us to became their guinea pig, they matches you with new people every single day. 3. You get pick up at stupid pick up points like for example there was many times it wants me to get pickup at a location two blocks away from my house when the driver would pass by my house first before the pickup location 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 4. There is always “internal errors”. Opening the app errors. Accepting the ride offer errors. Sending a request error. Messaging error. Submitting a review error. Even emailing them also has error, you complain but they give you like general message that has been copy paste from FAQ. No matter how cheap and efficient this is, if it keeps being a problem and a frustration everyday, its not worth it to use it.

Works well when it works

The app is great but the app keeps freezing after the ride is set. I won’t know the details of it and I can make changes. Please fix.

Won’t let me start

It won’t let me upload a profile pic and it won’t let you use the application if you don’t upload a profile pic. Use BlaBlaCar. It’s much easier and practical to use that this

Mode ride options expected

Why is the app centered around commute to workplace only? I have a longer drive to the gym and it would be great if I can customize carpool options to more than just the workplace.

Waze=Great! Carpool= Not so great

I love Waze!! But I've signed up to be a driver in I'd say a pretty popular area where people would need to carpool but I've sent requests to multiple riders already with no responses!! I know it's probably due to lack of people using the app so maybe what this needs is a lot more advertising

Frequent app crashes

Oh! Something went wrong This what I see frequently thought my app is updated. It’s bad before you are taking ride.

Soap Opera Queen

This was the best nav I ever used. The google always sends me to the wrong place & the one that came w my Sprint iPhone is very unreliable. I had Wayze several yrs ago & lost it when I got I new phone. I’m glad I remembered it & loaded it.

No drivers around my area

I guess it’s a good concept but unfortunately, there’s no drivers in my area. All the available drivers didn’t have a first ride so most likely they downloaded the app and deleted it within a few days.

Could Not Create a Profile

I’d love to try this app but I don’t have a Facebook or Google account which is required to set up a profile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Terrible app.

Poorly designed. Always crashes the second I try to launch it.

The app is so buggy

The app is so buggy, it happened multiple times that it just stuck with the home loading page, restarted network and restarted app did not help.

Improved some things, made other things worse

I am an early user of Waze Carpool, and the format is definitely a bit easier to use than before. Having designated days available for carpool and seeing the drivers is an upgrade. The app itself is still very slow. It should be optimized so I don’t keep getting the error “Try saving again”. Three feedbacks: (1) It’s much much much more difficult to request for a ride more than 4 days ahead of time. Sometimes my destination for one day in the next week is different and I have to plan ahead of time. However, I can’t even book a ride ahead of time like before! It was definitely helpful before to schedule a ride ahead of time so people can see if they’re available. (2) when I request for a ride, and the driver declines, I don’t get a notification or anything. All that happens is that the driver shows up on the list to be requested again. I think there should be pre-written messages for after the driver declines the ride, to let the rider know what’s going on. For example, after declining the ride, the driver can choose between the messages: Can’t carpool today/ Time doesn’t match mine/ Too far. (3) please notify the drivers at least one day ahead of time instead of a few hours on the day of. I have had times when I moved my schedule around to catch a ride and the driver tells me he forgot about it.

Doesn’t Work For Android & Developers Could Care Less

Well well, looks like I finally get to leave my review. Don’t waste your time, folks. I downloaded the app for Android and it simply won’t work. You can adjust pickup times, but you cannot save them. The time you save reverts back to the default as soon as you touch “save.” I reported the problem, and staff takes a cavalier attitude towards it at best. They asked for screenshots, they asked me to report the problem within the app MULTIPLE times, they asked me to report the problem within the app with logs multiple times, and now they’ve given up and haven’t responded. Let the world see you guys only care about the money you can make off of this app.

Support of iPhone X

I’m not sure if the app works same on other phones but in iPhone X there are lot of bugs, like if we change the time, it doesn’t reflect the change and pick up and drop off spot is quite far away from the actual address and there’s no option to mention how much I’m willing to walk like before in the old waze carpool app. And also application crashes some times. Please test it properly before you release an update. Previous version was so much better! Thanks.

Doesn’t work.

Whenever I open the app, I immediately get an error message: “Something went wrong, Try connecting again.” I’ve tried restarting the app, deleting and redownloading, restarting my phone and nothing has worked. The error message keeps popping up. Unless a fix comes soon, I might as well just delete the app.

Unable to create account only

I already had an account in Waze carpool. I also have an existing Waze account. But somehow after recent update to Waze Carpool app, I am unable to login. The app goes till the point of verifying Work email, and simply resets to the beginning. I also tried using the Sign In option, it still goes through the same UI screens and resets on verifying work email address. Poor design, did not expect such a basic flaw from a Google App.

Too many bugs

1) Since the update I’m not matched with any of my regular carpoolers 2) When I select riders, a completely different pickup time range to the one I selected is shown 3) I’m showing zero rides even though I know riders are available (because they text me that I’m not showing up even though I selected available). Overall very poor implementation though the visuals are much better.

Internal errors prevent login

Jesus Christ. You guys can't even go oauth right.....

Bad experience with App

I tried to signup for the Waze car pool but it couldn’t able to connect the server. I have tried to get connected to the app but It didn’t allow me. So frustrated with the app.

Will NOT Work

I’m a long time Waze user and saw this app to try out. I got signed up/in and continue to get an error, “Uh-oh something went wrong. Try connecting again.” If I hit okay, it just spins for a second and error pops back up. I’d like to use this as a driver and possibly a rider at times, but even after deleting and reinstalling the app it still won’t work.

FORCES pickups times!

Limited mobility? In need of a reliable ride when you need it at times you set? This is NOT for you! The application forces a 2 hour pickup window into preferences over and over no matter what we try to do. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The bus is better than that! Promising, but still half baked. I want to like it, but it is like Google doesn’t care about the service. So many bugs. So few of them fixed.

Latest update

This latest update is awful. Crashes, not user friendly and seems like you can't change pick up locations without changing your work..


Ive trying to use this app for the past 2 days and all it says after creating my profile is “something went wrong. Try connecting again”. This app is crashed!

"Uh.. There seems to be a problem "

"Uh.. There seems to be a problem " shows up everytime I try to sign up. Maybe because I first used Google to sign up (long time back) and recently tried to sign up with Facebook. Both accounts share same email ID, I thought may be thats the problem. Tried with new email ID, but it's still same. How is the company expecting the growth when there's a sign up problem.

No results on ride match

Previously i used to get rides as my ride requests were broadcasted to a wider audience. Not anymore, as i am shown choices of drivers who may or may not be driving. Also, I have to go through laborious process of selecting and adding drivers. No ride matches since the new upgrade.

Latest update breaks app on iOS 10 (iPhone SE)

See title. Also, no one seems incentivised to wake up before 6am for a carpool to work, as a driver or rider. Am I the only one??


Had to change my review from 5 stars to 1 star. Still not working. Half of the week I have to use other means of going to office

Unable to open app

Downloaded the latest app but in attempts to open it states its unable to connect. I live in D.C. with great Verizon coverage - no fix for over 24 hours. Have latest iPhone iOS update

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